The International Summer School on Planning and Scheduling will be held in conjunction with ICAPS 2018. The summer school provides an educational program for graduate students and young researchers. The program will focus on a selection of topics that are relevant for both theory and practice, covering approaches and topcis around a thread of planning under uncertainty: modeling, classic and sample-based planning algorithms (such as Monte Carlo Tree Search), reinforcement learning, model-based algorithms, and applications.

General information

Chairs: Alan Fern, Joerg Hoffmann, Michael Kaisers
Date: June 20 – 23, 2018
Location: Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Venue: De Baak Seaside

Accommodation: The summer school has reserved accommodation for participants, which can be booked as part of the registration process.

Important dates

March 23, 2018
Application and grant request
March 30, 2018
Notification of admission
May 11, 2018
Notification of grant allocation
May 18, 2018
Payment of registration fees
June 20 – 23, 2018
Summer school

School Program and Speakers

The summer school will start around 9am on Wednesday 20 June, and lasts until around 5pm on Saturday 23 June.

The program of the school is under construction, and further information will be posted here as it becomes available. Currently, confirmed lecturers at the school are Malte Helmert, Thomas Keller, Mausam, Gabriele Roeger, and Scott Sanner. We expect to design a program around a central tread of planning under uncertainty, covering modeling languages, classic and sample-based planning algorithms (such as Monte Carlo Tree Search), reinforcement learning, model-based algorithms in general and heuristic search in particular, as well as several application areas. In difference to previous ICAPS Summer Schools, we plan for the proram to be accomanied by a thread of lab sessions, where school participants will gain practical hands-on experience in the topics covered.

Travel directions

Arrival: The closest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).

Public transport: The trip from Amsterdam's airport Schiphol to the venue in Noordwijk takes around 1 hour by train and bus, and costs around 10 Euros. A number of connections is available, most typically taking a train for 16 minutes from Schiphol to Leiden, and a Bus for ca. 30 minutes from Leiden to Noordwijk, stop "Pickeplein". The train and bus infrastructure in the Netherlands is extensive, reliable, and easy to plan for using the links below, or Google Maps.

Taxi or cab services: There is a number of companies servicing the airport or available to be called at the hotel reception. Uber is operating in Amsterdam and around the airport; however, their service outside these areas is not always available. Fares from Schiphol to Noordwijk may range from 45 - 90 Euro, or 20-45 Euro from Leiden to Noordwijk.

Connection to ICAPS: The trip to Delft takes just over one hour by public transport, e.g. taking a bus to Leiden (30 min.) and a train from Leiden to Delft (20 min.), and is available every 30 minutes until the late evening.


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